Business tips of AI and intelligence assistance in healthtcare:

Business tips of AI and intelligence assistance in healthtcare:

Let me tell you a story… Ruth 55, she is an expert oncologic surgeon working in one of the main Centres of Excellence in New York. She teaches at university and mentors younger surgeons to develop their major potentials as she guides them towards the process of excellence. She is a reference in what she does.

Today, she not only assists her trainees but also assists Low to Medium Income Countries LMIC surgeons that like her that perform surgeries. She helps them to take place and perform successful surgeries as she assists them in life surgeries by videoconference.

On the other side, Ruth is an example of an early adopter of healthtech as she has embraced the robotization allowing her to perform many types of complex procedures with even more precision, this new technology adds value to what she already does with more flexibility and control through robot-assisted surgeries validated by FDA. On top of it she is used to dealing with intelligent video feeds to flag patient distress, post-surgery which brings improvement rates and better outcomes to her patients recovery.

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